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You came to the right place! ALL P and P Pest Services LLC specializes in all types of pests and we will help you keep them away before they take over your life or your business. We offer our services throughout Dallas at an affordable price. Call us today and we will provide service within 24 hours. You and your family’s wellbeing is our priority. Read More


Mosquitoes, Fleas, Termites & Termite Pre-Treats

Residential & Commercial Pest/Mosquito Control in Dallas

All P N P Pest uses 100% natural and safe solutions, for you, your kids and pets. Laboratory proven to be extremely effective at killing and repelling mosquito's. We welcome you to the beginning of the end of your pest and mosquito problem.

Our exterminators are locked, loaded and ready to fire on any inconveniences you may have in your home. The best pest control service in and around Dallas is just a phone call away.

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